I can guide you to the depths of your amazingly powerful subconscious mind, where together we can create massive positive change and overcome what is holding you back from being your greatest self. 

Joey Labossiere

Clinical Hypnotherapist - Joey Labossiere Hypnotherapy

Tune In And Turn On Your  Limitless Personal Power!

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Joey is a graduate of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science based in Vancouver BC and certified through the International Medical And Dental Hypnotherapy Association

     What I can Help you with

    Self Esteem/Self Confidence                Grief Support

    Smoking Cessation                                     Weight Release

    Anxiety Relief                                                 Performance Enhancement

    Removing Bad Habits                                 Increasing Happiness

    Post Traumatic Stress                               Past Trauma


Winnipeg City Hypnotherapy Client Testimonial 






From the first moment that I met Joey I knew instantly-here's a kindred spirit... a kind and compassionate soul with an honest and transparent sincerity that I found very refreshing! My first session with him not only confirmed this but exceeded my expectations even further! It was effortless to communicate deeply and profoundly, I felt with confidence that he "got" me and I him! His optimism and enthusiasm was contagious! He created a space so peaceful and safe that, combined with his gentle guidance, allowed me to connect with my subconscious in a way that brought me tears of joy and gratitude! Joey has helped me to understand, forgive and accept so many aspects of myself (previous unknown) that my life has been forever changed for the better! The world as a knew it has transformed before my eyes into a more loving and exciting place to be!

Joey. M   Winnipeg, MB